Question: Maple 16 Classic Worksheet Crashes A Lot!



Recently, I upgraded from Maple 13 to Maple 16.  I have been using Maple for 20 years --- Maple V Release 2 (1992) through Maple 16 (2012), and I participated in beta testing Maple V Release 4, which developed what we now call the Classic Interface.  The Classic Interface is amazing --- it was better than Mathematica in 1994 and it is still better than Maple's Standard Interface.  The Standard Interface is missing features that were added in the beta testing of Maple V Release 4 expressly for the purpose of making navigation easy, such as moving behind the > and hitting return to create a new line.  I still have e-mails in which these features were voted up and down.  The Classic Interface has been quite reliable from Maple 8 through Maple 13.  Unfortunately, after two months of testing, I must conclude that the Classic Interface in Maple 16 is quite unstable --- at least under Windows XP Service Pack 3.  While I rarely lose research with Maple 13, I have lost many Maple 16 classic worksheet sessions through page faults.  I really value Maple in my research --- I think that it is a great product, but I am disappointed that Maple 16 has introduced so many problems into the Classic Worksheet.  Is it possible that Maplesoft could port Maple 16's engine to the Maple 13 version of the Classic Worksheet?  Of course, I can still use Maple 13, but it would be nice to have the expanded features of Maple 16.  


Best wishes,

David Mazziotti


P. S. On a related note I would be keen to see Maplesoft develop a replica mode of the classic worksheet in the Java-based interface.  Without the classic interface there isn't a good environment for extensive programming in Maple, i.e. 1000s of lines of code with external calling, etc.

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