Question: How do I get Maple to simplify an expression on the first try?

I have simplified a fairly large expression derived by Maple and am chacking to see if the two expressions are the same.  Previously, when I did this, the result was pretty straightforward: when the output was 0 = 0, the expressions were the same; however, now when Maple simplifies the expression I can sometimes use a combination of the simplify, factor, expand, collect, and combine functions to get it to spit out 0 = 0, but sometimes I can't.  Here is an example which shows the problem.

Can someone explain why Maple returns the unsimplified version first, but easily simplifies it later?  It's almost as if Maple can simplify expressions more easily if they are printed as an output than if it is asked to simplify them internally.  Any help to figure out what's going on would be greatly appreciated.

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