Question: Polarplot issues with two polar equations

The school computer labs use Maple 15. As it is a considerable drive for me to come in and use the lab during the hours I am not on campus, I picked up Maple 16. This has worked fine for me until today. I am trying to use the "polarplot" command to plot two equations r=8*cos(3θ) and r=4-2.5cos(θ). Doing so on the computer lab Maple 15 plots fine. When I do so on Maple 16 on my computer I get something different. If I switch the order of the equations on 16 I get a different graph, it always displays the first equation correctly, but the second equation does not. I have included a picture of each to show the difference. I'm just wondering if I am doing something wrong or if the syntax is different on 16 than 15? Thanks for your help!

Comparison of results Maple 15/16

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