Question: Float problem for Integral expression

Dear Experts,

I am novice to Maple 14, to do some numerical work I am using its 2D math input. I am having problem while using an itegral equation with a limit from 0 to infinity, when I use this limit; in answer I got un-solved equatoin instead a numerical value and this un-solved equation have FLOAT value, when I tried with some other input that time maple give answer again FLOAT(infinity) error

The equations which I tried are published in some research papers and they got some numeriacal values but maple did't give me the numeric answer for same inputs & procedure

When I change limit lets say 0.1 to 1000, it gives me answer but this answer is not much accurate (difference is ~9%). Even problem in other possible cases, like for  0 ... 1000 and 0.1 .... infinity

Here I am attaching both maple files, in one limit = 0 ... infinity ->

                                                      in second limit = 0.1 ... 1000 ->

Can any one tell me how get rid of......





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