Question: pareto plots are rotated from the norm

Maple plots pareto charts slightly different than what I usually see.  It might be nice to include an option in the pareto to flip the axis.  But I think maybe the reason maple has pareto plotted this way (having the x and y axes flipped), is because the x-axis is unable to angle descriptors (an option I have asked to be added in the past)

Using the pareto example from maple help, when I rotate and flip the chart from plottools where did the y axes labels go?

Pdata:=[ `Engine 1`=327,
         `Engine 2`= 240,
         `Engine 3`=176,
         `Wire 1`=105,
         `Wire 2`=43,
         `Wire 3`=36,
         `Gear Box`=61,
         `Steam line`=50,
a:=pareto(Fdata, tags=Lab, title=`Plant Problems`,color=green);

Now rotating and flipping (the majority of pareto plots are shown this way), we loose the labels

reflect(rotate(a, (1/2)*Pi), [[0, 0], [0, 1]])

Now if we had the flip axes option in the pareto plot it would be easier, but not necessarily necessary as maples versatility allows us to do it rather simply.  Unfortunately if the labels are present on the x-axis some will be unreadable to word collisions, and this is where an x-axis label rotation would be nice. 

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