Question: Serious issues wirh using maple 16

I just started with maple 16 trying to complete an into assinment.  I am in a worksheet trying to just enter simple expresions 3+4 or 3*4 ect.  Whne i enter the operator + * using the keyboard, ther operators menu or pasting from notepad about 90%  of the time the previous number i typed disapears and the worksheet will no longer accept imput

I have tried reinstalling several times with no AV active even installed in safe mode same issue..

Maple soft has almost no trublshoot documntation and thier tech support hours are only weekdays when i am in class if any one has a sugestion it would be much aprciated. I am going to need this software for the next year and going to campus every time would be a nightmare.


Using Windows 7 home preimum fully up tp date.  Maple 16 64 bit.

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