Question: plot function does not accommodate parameter range option

I'd like to be able to plot a function that not only has a range for the dependent variable(s) but also for any "variable constants" that may be in the expression.

For example, if I wanted to plot the following expression :

                    y = A sin(wx + c)

and also to explore its behaviour over the following ranges for A, w and c :

                    A = 1..10 ; w = 1..20; c = pi/6 .. 11*pi/6


Looking at previous posts on this topic, I see that one can't just enter something like :

                    plot(<expression>, x=-2*pi..2*pi, A=1..10, w=1..20, c=pi/6..11*pi/6);

because the maple syntax won't allow it.

Yet, if one regarded one of these "variable constants" as an independent variable (say, w) and fixed the other two permanently within the expression, one could use the 3D plot command for the above expression with the second independent variable field in this command used as an entry area for the w range, i.e.

                   plot(<expression>, x=-2*pi..2*pi, w=1..20);

This then produces a 3D plot which one can use (e.g. by rotating to appropriate view angle) to find the effect of changes to w.

What a very gauche way of doing something which is such a common task in math modelling !

So often we need to see the effect of various 'tweaking constants' on our model curve and to what extent this model will match the observed data.

Yet, Maple seems to recognise the frequent need of its users for a plot command option that would allow this.

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