Question: Problems solving IVP from MapleSIM in Maple / problems with fsolve


I've been trying to manipulate the equations of a mechanism that I've exported from MapleSIM.  The system equations contain 4 differential ordinary equations, and 6 algebraic equations.  In MapleSIM it simulates fine, but I'm having problems simulating it in maple alone (without multibody exports).

I've tried solving the initial value problem by replacing all the time dependant variables with constants, (and as this is a dynamics problem) I supplied the inital conditions for the position and velocities.  Fsolve just spits out the inputted commands, which indicates no solution could be found.

I can get fsolve to solve when I input accelerations to the system, but thats not how you solve dynamics problems!

I plan to use these inital conditions to simulate the system using dsolve, but I can't get past this first part...

I've attached a MW sheet with my equations and approach.  I would be grateful for any help :)

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