Question: Maple 17 causes SC/32A fatal errors and prompts to reinstall DOS/32 for local admin command window

This is a very strange and specific issue I am having with any Windows x86 vm after having installed Maple 17. 

Before installing Maple 17 (and also AFTER installing it, before the reboot), I can open a command window while logged in as the local administrator and successfully issue a command like:


sc config BDESVC start= disabled


After installing AND REBOOTING for Maple 17, if I log in as the local administrator, open a command window, and issue the same command, I get this error:

c:\users\Administrator>sc config BDESVC start= disabled

DOS/32A -- Protected Mode Run-time Version 7.2

Copyright (C) Supernar Systems, Ltd. 1996-2002

SC/32A fatal: DOS/32A environment variable is not set up properly

You need to reinstall DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender on this computer

C:\Users\ADMINI~1>'ll notice after the failure, the path in the prompt goes to a 8.3 naming convention ("C:\Users\ADMINI~1"). 

In this situation, if I right-click on cmd.exe and specifically choose to "run as administrator", I can issue the sc command with no problem.  But for some reason I don't fully understand, after installing Maple 17, I have lost the ability to run any SC commands (not just BDESVC, but any such command) without specifically elevating, even though I am logged in as "Administrator" (the local administrator), and I could do it before without any issues.

SO....what on earth has Maple 17 changed, and how can I set it back?

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