Question: Query related to genearte large matrices in Maple

Good afternoon sir,


I am M.Anand working for SRIIT, as Assistant Professor in Mathematics.

I request you to provide me the correct Maple commands to generate large matrices whose elements are defined in terms of i & j in piecewise function pattern for example


How to generate the matrix A where the elements a(i,j) are defined as

a(i,j)=2i    when j=i   and i=1,2,...,80

a(i,j)=0.5i  when j=i+2 and i=1,2,...,78

a(i,j)=0.5i  when j=i-2 and i=3,4,...,80

a(i,j)=0.25i when j=i+4 and i=1,2,...,76

a(i,j)=0.25i when j=i-4 and i=5,6,...,80

0 otherwise.


with thanks & warm regards



Assistant Professor in Mathematics

SR International Institute of Technology.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

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