Question: Is there any other method to solve a given trigonometric equation in Maple?

Good afternoon sir,


I am getting the reslut around a=22 degreees  instead of 33 degrees when solved the following Trigonometric equation

A sin α cos α + B sin2 α − C cos α − E sin α = 0,

where A = lsin β1, B = l cos β1, C = (h + 0.5D) sin β1 − 0.5Dtan β1,
and E = (h + 0.5D) cos β1 − 0.5D.

and the parameters are

It is stated that when l = 89 in., h = 49 in., D = 55 in., and β1 = 11.5◦, angle α is approximately
33◦. Verify this result.


I request you to solve the above problem and let me know whether the given problem is correct or not.


With thanks & regards.



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