Question: Organisation of help pages for Maple objects.

We are developing Maple packages for symmetries of DEs, the Maple packages are Maple-object-oriented, meaning that each package contains Maple objects and almost all methods are within objects (i.e. as static exports). Object and its methods are the main part of the package, package exports are mostly either Object-Names or Object-Constructor-Methods, so that our code has minimal footprint in the name space when loaded. 

We are now trying to write/organise Maple help pages, however we are not sure what is the best way to manage it. Should the help pages be object-focused? Or should they be method-focused (like typical current Maple help pages)?

Below is an example:

  • Object1 with export MethodA, MethodB, MethodC.
  • Object2 with export MethodA, MethodB, MethodC.

(Objects may be in different packages, and method names are being overloaded for use with different objects.)

Object-focused help pages might look lik this..

  • HelpPage1: MethodA(Object1), MethodB(Object1), MethodC(Object1)
  • HelpPage2: MethodA(Object2), MethodB(Object2), MethodC(Object2)

Method-focused help pages might look like this..

  • HelpPage1: MethodA(Object1), MethodA(Object2)
  • HelpPage2: MethodB(Object1), MethodB(Object2)
  • HelpPage3: MethodC(Object1), MethodC(Object2)

The first is more natural from an object-oriented point of view, but is at odds with the organisation of other Maple help.  There are barely any OO packages in Maple yet for us to model our organisation on. Are there any recommendations from OO Maple gurus?  Any useful feedback would be appreciated.



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