Question: How to make a Clear( var1, var2, ....) function in Maple?

It seems Maple has no Clear(variable); function build in, and one must type

         variable := 'variable`; 

for each variable to be cleared. This is a little too verbose. In Mathematica one types "Clear[variable1,variable2]" which requires much less typing than the Maple way of doing it. (About 1/2 as much, if one has to clear few variables each time).

Doing restart is not a good solution all the time, since that will clear everything.

Strange why Maple can not provide such a function, and inside it, it can do these calls.

So, I was wondering if someone has written such a function. I can try to write one myself, but I am not very good in Maple, and I think a professionally written one by an expert would be more robust and will do more checking as needed to make sure it works correctly.

So, my question is, why Maple does not provide such a function as build-in? And does one know of a good implementation of one that exist?

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