Question: how to divide or split an execution group at any point?

I am not able to find way to do this very basic and common operation.

I use worksheet mode, and many times I'd like to split/divide a large execution group I've build of some code to 2 execution groups at some place. i.e. I'd like to point my mouse at a line and say divide here. Here is an example:

I see only the options Insert->Execution group-> After Cursor or Before cursor. Both of which do not do what I want. I want to divide it at that point.  So what I end up doing is to make a new execution group manually (using the Insert command), then go back and cut and paste the code I want in the new group.

I hope there is an option to do this. I do these sorts of things all the time when using Mathematica, which has Divide cell, Merge cells and other options. A cell in Mathematica is similar to execution group in Maple. Are there other options to maniuplate execution groups other insert before/after cursor that I might have missed? I am using 17.02 on windows 7.

Please note, I only use worksheet mode.


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