Question: Plotting Two curves

Hi, I am trying to plot these two curves:

I tried:

with(plots);  A := Array(1..2)  A[1] :=plot (0.199563349672261+0.0178636902277546 x^1.14406289706794-0.0182070811144750 x^(1.13867380551454),x=50..2050,  color=red);  A[2]  := plot(0.298910542599302+0.0117459591500434 x^1.00390277106937-0.0137065176395662 x^0.970667551759677, x = 50..2050, color = blue);  display (A);

and I got:

Error, (in plot) unexpected option: .298910542599302+0.117459591500434e-1*x^1.00390277106937-0.137065176395662e-1*x^.970667551759677

so I tried

so I am not sure how I would graph these two functions...

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