Question: How to remove all the ">" on each line when pasting source code into worksheet?

Sorry for a basic question, but I am not able to find a setting for this, and I am stil newbie in using Maple UI.

A simple problem. When I copy some Maple code from the net, such as a proc() posted here or else where, then paste the code right into my open worksheet, then each line will show up with ">" at the left.

Is there a way to remove these ">" other than the way I do it now, which is manual process.

Having a ">" at start of each line does not seem to affect anything. The proc() gets defined fine, and I can call it. But normally when I write a proc(), there is no ">" to the left of each line, since those come only when hitting a RETURN. And that is what confuses me.

But what I am looking for, is a way to select some lines, and tell Maple to remove all the ">". Here is a screen shot of some code I just pasted to the worksheet:



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