Question: simplifying fraction of equations

I have to questions. One is the main one, about simplifying fractions.

This is equations.









From now, I will explain. Though as I don't know how to put a maple screen on this board I think I will have you feel some inconvenience, please forgive it.

I want to make jj more simple, dividing both of numerator and denominator of jj, with gamma[2]^2.

But, what I could at best was this. First, taking denominator of jj and deviding it with gamma[2]^2 and expanding it like kk. Second, as the first term among that expression had terms of gamma[2] on both of the numer and denom, I picked out the first term as ll in the above maple commands, and simplified it with option: power, in mm. Thirdly, I rewrote kk as in nn.

and Forthly, I rewrote jj with modification of deviding numerator and denominator with gamma[2]^2, using the result which I could get as I wrote above. oo is that. And the result of oo is what I wanted to get.

But, on the other hand, when i divided denom and numer of jj directly by gamma[2]^2, the result I can get then is not 

good one: the output of pp is not what I wanted to get.

Is there more simple way to do what I did in the above? This is a first question.


And, another is how I can post the screen of maple on this question board?


I hope you will answer my question. I thank all of you who will answer these question in advance.





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