Question: Should Maple be able to numerically integrate this pretty simple function? I can't get an answer.

I'm trying to numerically calculate the following:

int(e^(-1.5*t)/sqrt(t*(t+1)), t = 1 .. infinity)

But Maple can't do it.

I then made it a lot simpler and tried to calculate the following:

evalf(int ((e^(-t)), t=1..infinity));


Thats just e^(-t), integrated from t=1 to t=infinity.


Maple just gives me back the original equation in the first case, and in the second gives me a limit that I can see has a numerical answer, but Maple can't. Is this something Maple should be able to do and I'm just now pushing the right buttons? I'm using Maple 12, which I know is old and limited, but these really aren't very complicated numerical integrations.




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