Question: Latex export in Maple 18, make it display 1/y as \frac{1}{y} and not as {y}^{-1}

Maple 18, windows 7.

When I export this to Latex


The latex comes out as x:=y^-1 instead of using 1/y as it displays. I prefer 1/y and not  y^-1

i.e. instead of generating {y}^{-1} it should use \frac{1}{y}, just as it appears on the screen. Is there a configurration option one can use for this?

I also like to know if one can insert latex markup directly in Maple text paragraphs?

For example, if I add a text paragraph, (Menu->Insert->Paragraph) and would like to type some math in there, I can't just write $\sin(x)$ as this will not render as math when exported to Latex, as it is in a Maple normal group in the Latex file. 

Is there another way to typeset math in text area of a document? I only use worksheet mode. Not interested in using document mode.

thank you




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