Question: infolevel[dsolve]

Hi everybody,

I am using maple to solve differential equations.  I have been using maple for some time and came across the infolevel[dsolve] command or option.  I tried finding the answer to my question online but cant seem to come across a straight answer.

My question is what does the integer do that you have to equal the infolevel[dsolve] command?  

For example I am using a book that states

"An even more important diagnostic tool is the infolevel[dsolve] command, which will give information on what methods are used in attempting to solve the ODE when dsolve is applied, even if unsuccessful.  An integer between 1 and 5 must be specified, with generally more detailed information being provided as the number is increased. On applying the dsolve command to ode2, the method of attack is summarized in the following output and, in this case, the general solution y(x) given with two arbitrary coefficients C1 and C2.

infolevel[dsolve]:=5: dsolve(ode2,y(x)); " 

What does the integer between 1 and 5 mean or do? In the example above the book uses 5, why 5?.



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