Question: Problem setting up a rule with Intat

Sometimes Maple can be endlessly frustrating!!

A recent question of mine on how to distribute integrals into a sum was answered:

Now I need the same thing, except (as part of a solution) Maple chose to use Intat rather than Int.

So I modify the rule I have to look like this:


.. and for the heck of it I cannot get Maple to accept this, no matter what type I make u to be. The error message always looks the same:

Error, invalid input: Intat expects its 2nd argument, dx_at_t, to be of type symbol = algebraic, but received u::{name, equation}

and you may replace the u::{name,equation} with any other u::type you care to think of.

Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: Also, useInt will not replace the Intat (in the expression I want to apply the rule to) with Int.

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