Question: Problem to edit a figure in MS word

AOA... I have facing a problem to edit a figure in MS worl after coping from MAPLE file. Because we my paper is accepted and will publised after minor revesion which given below:


"I am writing regarding your manuscript 601961 to be published shortly in 'Abstract and Applied Analysis.' After checking the uploaded files, I have found that all the figures are not editable. We need to have full control over the figures, that is, to be able to click inside the figure to edit the lines, the arrow heads, and the font of the words written inside the figure to match the journal style. Please access the MTS and upload each figure in a separate (ps, eps, fig, ai, Visio, wmf, emf, word, Excel, PowerPoint, obj, cdr or PDF) file, and make sure it is editable, taking into consideration that any figures saved as jpg, bmp, png or tif format are automatically uneditable"



With my best regards and sincerely
Muhammad Usman

PhD (Scholar)
Department of Mathematics

HITEC University Taxila Cantt Pakistan
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