Question: Solution of quite complicated equation in terms of a variable


This is my code for finding mode shapes and critical load for a bimaterial strut under buckling. 

Although everything else is working fine but I have a problem while solving for critical load.

h_new := convert(series(h, P, 3), polynom):

h_new := convert(series(h, P, 3), polynom):

without converting to polynomial, the code is unable to solve for P. Even on conversion, for differnet S values, I need to change the truncation order of conversion (like for S=0.5, it would work with 3 but for other S values I have to change truncation (convert(series(h, P, 6), polynom)), which also causes the number of solutions of equation to change which causes problem with plotting of graphs of critical load that I need (basically I need lowest two plots), thereby restricts me from automating the code with a for loop. I need to test it for various S values and then later in code I need to put teh critical load back and check mode shapes for different a values.


Is there a better way to solve two variable equation to get one variable in terms of another(the equation is quite complicated, contains trigonometric expressions). 


and also if I try to automate the analysis for different S and a values, teh process needs to put teh value back in P which changes everything and teh next time loop operates it just ruins everything. Also there are varied number of solutions of P_crit for differnet S values which makes it difficult to store those solutions during automation?

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