Question: Maple as a teaching tool

Hi all. I am using Maple 18.

1. Does Maple only output an answer, or can it be made to display the steps it took to achieve the result, in a way that is logical and understandable by the user? For example, I would like to see it display steps when integrating or differentiating, or dividing a polynomial by another polynomial. Basically any process that involve simplifyinf or factorisation.

2. I am trying to divide x^2 + 5x + 9 by x+2, but all Maple displays is the expression

How can I make it do the polynomial division and output the steps it took? I tried using simplify and evaluate from the context menu but the output is still just the expression.

3. Has something happened to this site? It was working fine in Opera until two days ago, and has sinmce started displaying "Error generating page" where the replies to questions should be. No problems with the "posts" section, only in the "questions" section.

Thanks in advance.


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