Question: Can Maple display ODESolStruct word on the screen to make it more clear?

I am going by the assumption that when Maple returns ODESolStruct as solution, then it means it could not solve the ODE. (example below)

My only complaint is that the syntax it uses for saying that the solution is ODESolStruct is not clear. I guess one has to look for & in the solution to know the result is ODEStruct.

Only when I convert the solution to string, then I can see the word "ODESolStruct" displayed.

My question is, how can I make maple display on the screen the word "ODESolStruct" in the solution, instead of using those "&" As that will make it more clear.

I am using worksheet on maple 18. Not document style. Here is an example:


 The above was using 2D math display as default. If I use Maple notation as output I get:


sol := y(x) = `&where`(_a/exp(-2*(Int(_b(_a), _a))-2*_C1), [{diff(_b(_a), _a).......


But now

"y(x) = ODESolStruc(_a/exp(-2*Int(_b(_a),_a)-2*_C1),[{diff(_b(_a\ .............."

You can see now that the solution is ODESolStruct, but it is much more clear than the default solution above. But only when looking at the solution as string do I get it to show the word "ODESolStruct". 

Since odetest does not return zero, then maple did not solve it:


btw, Compare the above to when Maple returns "DESol" structutre. In this case, it does now display on the screen the word "DESol":

ode:=diff(y(x), x, x)-y(x)*(a^2*x^(2*n)-1);

Again, my question is:  Could I configure Maple to display in worksheet the solution using explicit ODESolStruct words instead of using "&" there to indicate more clearly the solution.


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