Question: why F3 (split execution group) not smart enough to split starting at end of line?

One would expect that hitting F3 will split from _end_ of the current line (where the cursor is at).

But what Maple does is actually split everything from the current cursor location. Which means if the cursor happened not to be exactly at the end of the line, the current line itself will also be split and broken.

It is much more logical to split starting from end of current _line_ (where the cursor is at), not current character, because that is what normally one would want to do. One will have large block of code, and want to split it from one line down to the end.  It is a simple usability issue, which Maple UI seems to suffer allot from.

Is there a way to modify this behavior? I keep hitting F3 and forget to move the cursor to the end of the line before, and end up wasting time having to fix things afterwords since the line itself is split.



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