Question: please help me to solve it

Let Poly2 denote the vector space of polynomials

(with real coefficients) of degree less than 3.

Poly2 = {a1t^2+ a2 t+ a3 |a1; a2; a3 €R}

You may assume that {1,t; t^2}is a basis for Poly2.

(1) Show that L1 = {t^2 + 1; t-2 ; t + 3}and L2 = {2 t^2 + t; t^2 + 3; t}

are bases for Poly2.

(2) Let v = 8t^2- 4t + 6 and w = 7t^2- t + 9. Find the coordinates for

v and w with respect to the basis L1 and with respect to the basis L2

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