Question: Newbie Help - First Year University

This is going to sounds so stupid probably, but I'm a newbie with the software and I really am clueless at the moment.

I was asked to define given information as a function, then sub -25 in for x to verify I typed the function correctly. But it's not working.. (I have a screenshot saved to my computer, but apperently I can't post it).


f(x) :=(x^(12)-x*sin(x^(11)))/(x^(34))+e^(sqrt(x+4))*ln(abs((cos^(5)x)-6))


This is my do I check what value f(-25) will give me? When I calculate it (first with evalf, then without) it only showed another function as the answer, rather than the answer..sigh, I'm terrible with this software.

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