Question: Maple 18 causing lag on yosemite

Hi gang!
Upon upgrading to a stable mac OSX Yosemite, I've been experiencing a noticeably slower Maple 18. The Maple machine itself is quick during calculus operations, though the interface bugs me after the upgrade.

It seems as if the program constantly has to load any open palettes. So for an example, if I run with the 'expression' and 'calculus'-palettes open - which I do constantly - it seems as if Maple has to load every single icon, piece by piece. This loading occurs randomly, but often it happens several times every minute. The loading causes a 3-4 sec lag, which is incredibly annoying. Closing the paletts does not affect this random loading. I run with the recent Java-upgrade specifically for Yosemite.

Before upgrading, I ran Maple 18 on 10.9 Mavericks and everything worked ran like a dream. The program was incredebly fast and responsive. Furthermore, I run Maple on a late 2014 fully specced MBP, so hardware shouldn't be an issue either.

My Maple is installed with an authorized academic license.


Anyone able to give some inputs to what might seem to cause the issue here?

Thanks a bunch! :-)


Best regards,

Claus Iversen


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