Question: How to skip an index in product() call?

I'd like to implement this in Maple, but being a newbie having hard time getting the syntax right:

This is what I tried:

f:= i->product( `if`(evalb(i<>j),(a-z(j))/(z(i)-z(j)),NULL),j=1..3);

but it is not skipping the i=j case, since when I call it with f(1) I get division by zero.

Error, (in product) numeric exception: division by zero

Tried also

f:= i->product(`if`(evalb(not(i=j)),(a-z(j))/(z(i)-z(j)),NULL),j=1..3);
and few other things. I think the reason it fails is deeper than my level of Maple undertstanding.

How would you do this in Maple?

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