Question: How do I make this program run



Last week I made a question, which was kindly answered with the conclusion there might be no solutions.
Now as this cannot be (I'll explain later), I have eliminated all extra aspects of the program to just show the code where the problem is occuring. You can find it via this link

The problem is as follows:
I have 3 points, of which I need to determine the distances from the 0,0 point. The distance between the points are known and the angle between the neutral axis and the line through a point are also known. The set-up is shown in the rough sketch. (k1,k2,k3,corner 1, corner 2, corner 3 are known; a,b,c are unknown.). With these values known, I can easily calculate a,b,c via the cosine rule.

However I want to make a sensitivity analysis for a parameter that determines the 3 corners (called f in the code). Herefore I need to become an answer of a,b,c in function of f and only f (as I need them in following calculations which are not shown in the code). However this doesnt seem to work. The program does not return a solution.

Do you guys know how I can make sure that this program is runnable, so I can get my a,b,c values in function of f? I'd be very very very thankful as I'm stuck with this crucial part of my calculation for weeks.

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