Question: test solution in a complicated differential equation

guys, i put a test solution in my differential equation and when i excuted it, maple calculated the solution in term of functions itself. 

i mean, i have functions A(r),B(r),C(r),phi(r) in a differential equation and then i put A(r)=(1-a/r)^alpha and B(r)=(1-a/r)^beta and C(r)=(1-a/r)^gamma and phi(r)=Q*(1-a/r)^lambda , maple give me result with A and B and ... . i want to maple give the result with out any function and just in term of (1-a/r)^... and alpha , betta , .... and c

and is there any way to arrange in term of power of (1-a/r)^... or something like that ?

what is your opnion ?


and also i obtained the differential equation by maple and it is not simplify completely and some terms can cancel each other how can i simplify it completely?

thanks in advance

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