Question: persuit problem

A pirate ship is persuing a merchant ship when a fog descends, obscuring the merchant ship in front. What path must the pirate ship take to guarantee intercepting the other ship? [the pirate ship can go 5x faster than the merchant, and the merchant can move in any direction as long as it's in a straight line].

ok, so the pirate needs to move in a straight line for a little bit, then move in an ever increasing spiral, a logarithmic spiral. r=a.e^(b.theta) and in parametric form x(t)=a.e^(b.t).cos(t), y(t)=a.e^(b.t).sin(t)

So im asking if there is an underlying ODE and if Maple can derive the above equations (and the numbers a and b).

the tv show i got this from displayed the following eq: t=d/(v1+v2).e^(theta/sqrt((v1/v2)^2-1))

BTW if you're an internet troll reading this, and don't believe this question belongs on this forum, other members might disagree.


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