Question: ODE of Lane-Emden type


diff(y(x), x, x)+2*(diff(y(x), x))/x+af(x)*g(y(x))=0


"n:=5:  y[0]:=0:  f(x):=1:  g(y):=e^(-y): L:=x^(-2)(ⅆ)/(ⅆ x) (x^(2)(ⅆ)/(ⅆ x) ):  L^(-1)(y):=(∫)[0]^(x)x^(-2)(∫)[0]^(x)x^(2)dxdx:  "

"for m from 1 to n do:  `&varkappa;`[m]:={[[0,m<=1],[1,m>1]]:   R[m]:=simplifyL^(-1)((d^(2)y[m-1])/(dx^(2))+(2)/(x)(&DifferentialD;y[m-1])/(&DifferentialD; x)+f(x)g(y) );  y[m]:=simplify(y[m-1]*`&varkappa;`[m]-R[m]):  od;"


plz help me, I m trying to solve homotopy analysis method for lane emden, what additional steps I have to taken in above programming?


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