Question: Run from terminal using GUI

Hi everyone, this is my situation:

I've created a program inside a "Code editor region" within "Document mode" which I execute by pressing CTRL+E within the code editor region.

The program outputs an animation of the solution to the heat equation.

The thing is, the program contains some for-loops and I want to print some text in the end of each iteration within the for-loops so as to track the progress, e.g. I want to have printed        "The equations for time level k out of m were set up"

The problem is that in document mode you will get a huge amount of text added to your document which you'll have to delete, if you print about 1000 times.

So my question is:   Is it possible to use the "Command-line Maple 2015"-tool and/or modify the way I've set up my program such that the print statements are outputted to the terminal AND the animation pops up in a seperate window?

I've tried to run some simple commands in the maple-terminal such as:


but somehow the terminal displays it using regular text-symbols and stuff. I thought that it would just open up some seperate window, displaying a graph-plot as you would normally see in maple.


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