Question: Finding a numerical solution to system of equations not linear

I have a system of equations in several variables and I just need one numerical solution of it, I tryed to use fsolve of Maple but it always show me some errors or gives back the command as the output.

aaghulu := {-6-4*y-x-(1+y)*x+sqrt((4*(1+y))*(2+x)*(4+2*y+x)+(-(1+y)*x+2+x)^2), (2*(4+2*y+x))*(1+y)-(1+y)*x+2+x+sqrt((4*(1+y))*(2+x)*(4+2*y+x)+(-(1+y)*x+2+x)^2)-(2+y)*(-(1+y)*x+2+x+sqrt((4*(1+y))*(2+x)*(4+2*y+x)+(-(1+y)*x+2+x)^2))};

fsolve(aaghulu, {x, y}, maxsols = 1);


I will be happy if someone guide me how to do these kinds of things using Maple.

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