Question: Odd response to use of local in proc definition

This one really has me baffled.

What the proc does is not important. This is just about as simple an example as I could write. Maple 2015 is complaining anytime I try to declare a local variable. The second example shows that the local declaration is needed - Maple even introduces it into the procedure that it defines.

test := proc(  )
local a;
a := 3
end proc;
Error, unexpected `local` declaration in procedure body
test := proc(  )
# local a;
a := 3
end proc;
Warning, `a` is implicitly declared local to procedure `test`
test := proc(x) local a; a := x end proc

Here's the version information for my current Maple.

interface( version );
Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2015.0, Windows 7, February 17 2015 Build ID 1022128

Can someone explain what is happening, and why I'm just now seeing this?


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