Question: Is there an example

 about how to calculate vector field of system of 3 differential equations which in terms of a(t), b(t), c(t) , diff(a(t),t), diff(b(t),t), diff(c(t),t)?

is the only method is the express diff(a(t),t), diff(b(t),t), diff(c(t),t) in terms of a(t), b(t), c(t) ?

for example 

<diff(a(t),t), diff(b(t),t), diff(c(t),t)>

if result is

diff(a(t),t) = a(t)*b(t)

diff(b(t),t) =b(t)*c(t)

diff(c(t),t) =c(t)*a(t)

<a(t)*b(t), b(t)*c(t), c(t)*a(t)>


is it the vector field <a*b, b*c, c*a> ?


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