Question: Grid computation and memory again

This is somehow an old problem which came back and I decided to post it. So, I have some code which runs in Grid framework locally. Each node saves data directly to hard disk and there is no need to return anything at the end to the node of ID 0. Nevertheless, I noticed that memory usage on one instance of the mserver is very huge.  Moreover, this instance is all the time in S state, namely sleeping. Below you can see dump from top. I deny this is caused by some particular procedures called in my code since in this case I should rather observe more uniform memory usage. I am not sure if for this moment I could share some code with you which demonstrate this behavior. I will try to write some toy example because my productive code cannot be posted here.


49.1 17:00.19 mserver
0.1 12:43.70 mserver
0.1 12:32.15 mserver
0.1 13:54.02 mserver
0.1 14:45.45 mserver
0.1 12:35.22 mserver
0.1 13:50.77 mserver
0.1 14:14.85 mserver
0.1 8:58.82 mserver
0.1 12:58.48 mserver
0.1 8:51.00 mserver
0.1 10:35.92 mserver
0.1 12:58.13 mserver
0.1 9:34.39 mserver
0.1 10:10.13 mserver
0.1 12:07.77 mserver
0.0 8:21.17 mserver
0.0 11:41.42 mserver
0.0 5:07.27 mserver
0.0 8:31.88 mserver
0.0 6:30.12 mserver

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