Question: Why the evaluation of root of a real number is so long with Maple?

Dear friends

It seems that Maple takes a long time to evaluate the square roots of numbers.

See the simple code below.

st := time();

for i to 1000 do for j to 1000 do

a[i, j] := evalf(abs(i-j+1)^0.3-abs(i-j)^0.3):

end: end:


I run it, then after a few seconds I run it again and again  to see the consuming time: once the running time is 77 seconds, then is 57 seconds, again is 73 seconds ...

Two questions:

1- Why the time is so differnt?

2- Why a simple code is being done at about a minute? Based on the number of operations, I think it should be done at less than a second. It just involves finding two million real third roots each of them less than 100 operations (if Newton method for finding roots is applied it probably needs less than 20 operations). I was thinking that a computer may do one billion operations per second. 

Since I need to report my numerical results in a scientific paper, it is important for me to know what's going on.

It is worthy of noting that I use Maple 18 on a Lenovo Laptop with Corei3 1.90 GHz with 64 bit operating system and 4 Gb RAM.

In advance, I appreciate for helping me to reveal the secrets.

Thank you all


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