Question: How to simplify results of pdsolve?

i use the pdsolve to find the solutions of a system of partial differential equations,

but the result contains some indefinite integrals, how to simplify it further?

thank you


eq1 := {6*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), u))-3*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), u)), 12*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), u, u))-6*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), u, u)), 2*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), u, u, u))-(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), u, u, u)), diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), t)+diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), x, x, x)+(diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), x))*u, 18*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x, u))+3*(diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), u, u))-9*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x, u)), 6*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x, x))+3*(diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), x, u))-3*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x, x)), 6*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x, u, u))+diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), u, u, u)-3*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x, u, u)), 12*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), u))-6*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), u))+6*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x, x, u))-6*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), u))*u+3*u*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), u))-3*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x, x, u))+3*(diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), x, u, u)), 12*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x))-6*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x))+2*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), t))+2*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x, x, x))-4*(diff(_xi[t](x, t, u), x))*u+2*(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x))*u+_eta[u](x, t, u)-(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), t))+3*(diff(_eta[u](x, t, u), x, x, u))-(diff(_xi[x](x, t, u), x, x, x))};



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