Question: How can Maple calculate this Moment of Inertia

I am trying to duplicate the answer to a problem of the nutation of a spinning top. The problem is number 6.1.3 in the book Computer Algebra Recipes for Classical Mechanics by Richard Ens and George McGuire.

TopSC := `<,>`(5*sin(z)*exp(-(Pi-z)/(1.5)), 0, z) for z = 0..Pi

Spacecurve TopSC, when rotated about the z axis, generates the surface of revolution of the top.

The solution requires knowing the moments of inertia (MI) of the top about the z axis and the x or y axis.

Does the following integral correctly calculate the MI about the z axis?

int(2*Pi*TopSC[1]*(TopSC[1]^2), [z = 0 .. z, z = 0 .. Pi])

What sequence of Maple 2016 commands will calculate the top's MI about the x or y axis?

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