Question: What is the equivalent of Mathematicas Hypergeometric1F1 in maple?

I have this H(alpha,beta,eta) con ‡uent hypergeometric function, which I can easily adopt in Mathematica like this

Hypergeometric1F1[( (\[Alpha] + S \[Beta]))/\[Beta]^2, 
 1 + ((\[Alpha] + S \[Beta]))/\[Beta]^2, -\[Alpha] ((
   E^(-\[Beta] \[Eta]))   )/\[Beta]^2]

But when I try to input this in maple using the built-in `hypergeom` it gives an error.

hypergeom((S*lambda2+alpha)/lambda2^2, 1+(S*lambda2+alpha)/lambda2^2, -alpha*exp(-lambda2*eta)/lambda2^2)

Any suggestions?


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