Question: How to integrate a function defined by a conditional proc

I have a function that is defined by a proc command including some conditional statements (if ... then ...). The conditions are so long so that I can not use a piecewise function instead of using proc. The commands in my code are long and I simplify my question as follows:
f := proc(x) local r; r := sin(x)+x*cos(x); if abs(r) < 1/2 then sin(x) else cos(x) end if; end proc;

plot('f'(x), x = -1 .. 1) works fine but the command int(('f')(x), x = -1 .. 1) gives an error:
Error, (in f) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: abs(sin(x)+x*cos(x)) < 1/2

Is there any way (except rewriting the function as a piecewise function) to get rid of the error? 

Any help is appreciated.

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