Question: How to export a large Matrix from Maple automatically to an ascii file


I have produced a large Matrix by first using dsolve and then plotted it using odeplot (see below). My question is, how to I export this matrix ( 2599 x 2) to an ascii file? I have been googling around, but haven't found a solution for my matrix (have seen that it works if I just make a simple matrix and then export it). I apologize if someone find this question simple, not very experienced in Maple.

Thanks in advance.


diffsol := dsolve(subs(parametertotal,diffsystem) union subs(parametertotal,initialCondition),numeric,method=rosenbrock_dae,range=0..t_fin);
proc(x_rosenbrock_dae)  ...  end;


P1 := odeplot(diffsol,eval([E[init]+nu*t,jteny],parametertotal),0..t_fin,view=[0.8..1.6,0..0.004],refine=2);



["curve", [.500000000000000000 .. 1.60000000000000009, 1.51870824668638962*10^(-8) .. 0.279325471225829770e-2], Vector[column](4, [` 2599 x 2 `*Matrix, `Data Type: `*float[8], `Storage: `*rectangular, `Order: `*C_order])]


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