Question: Parametric 2D plot but with more than one parameter

For a 2D parametric plot with only one parameter, in Maple we use plot([x,y,range]) but what about the case x and y are expressed by more than one parameter? How should I assign the range? For example I tried the following one

h := k[1]*k[3]+k[1]*k[4]+k[2]*k[4]:
x := k[2]/h:
y := (k[3]+k[4])/h:
A := seq(k[i] = 1 .. 2, i = 1 .. 4):
plot([x, y, A]);

But then I encountered the following error:
Error, (in plot) incorrect first argument [k[2]/(k[1]*k[3]+k[1]*k[4]+k[2]*k[4]), (k[3]+k[4])/(k[1]*k[3]+k[1]*k[4]+k[2]*k[4]), k[1] = 0.1e-2 .. 1000, k[2] = 0.1e-2 .. 1000, k[3] = 0.1e-2 .. 1000, k[4] = 0.1e-2 .. 1000]

For one parameter the above method doesn't make an error like the following:

x := t+1:
y := t^2:
A := t = 1 .. 2:
plot([x, y, A]);

So for more than one parameter, there should be another way to ask the plot. Does anyone know how to do that?

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