Question: In evaluating an integral Maple outputs a function with a Capital Phi with three arguments - How do I find out what this function is?

What is the Phi function.  And more importantly how do I find out in general waht a symbol represents.  I input Phi in help menu, nothing useful comes up.  I use Function advisor, don't see a Phi symbol or anything beginning with Phi.  Isn't there a way I can select the symbol in the output and get help on it by pressing a F key?

Ok so I try FunctionAdvisor(describe Phi) - it gives me general Lerch Phi function.  But when I go to help page on LerchPhi, nowhere does it use Greek letter Phi to describe the function.  So I finally figured it out as I was composing this question.  But in why does the help page not use the symbol for the function that is displayed in the worksheet?






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