Question: is it possible to evaluate or how to evaluate this function?


after refer from

exponential1 := sum((1/n!), n=0..infinity);
exponential1 is not a decimal number, it is exp(1)
hoyeung1:= sum((Int(exp(LambertW(1/(-1+x))*(-1+x)), x)), x=0..infinity);
hoyeung2:= sum((Int(exp(LambertW(1/(-1+x!))*(-1+x!)), x)), x=0..infinity);
how to evalute hoyeung1 or hoyeung2 as a decimal number?
how to evalute hoyeung^x as a decimal number function is func1 := proc(x) return hoyeung^x end proc:
but i do not know whether sum((Int(exp(LambertW(1/(-1+x))*(-1+x)), x))*m^x, x=0..infinity) = hoyeung^x
can limit(1+(Int(exp(LambertW(1/(-1+x))*(-1+x)), x)))^x, x=infinity) = hoyeung^1 ?
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