Question: Kernel connection lost

Regarding my recent question I would like to share an interesting observation. Here the code of the program:

R0 := ln(y)+Re(Psi(1/2+(2*(p^2+(1/2)*sqrt(2*I+4*ksi_fs^2*p^2)*tanh(sqrt(2*I+4*ksi_fs^2*p^2)*x)/(tau+0.5e-2*a)))/y))+gamma+2*ln(2)
tau:= 10.000:ksi_fs:=10:p:=0.037:
R0p:= unapply(R0, [a,x]):
R0f:= proc(a,x)
local r:= fsolve(R0p(a,x), y= 0..1);
   `if`(r::float, r, Float(undefined))
end proc:
M:= Matrix(
   (i,j)-> R0f(i, 1 + (j-1)*(0.5-0)/(100-1)),
   datatype= float[8]

After approximately 2 hours of calculations I get a message window

But I repeat this calculations on another computer with the same Windows 7 64 bit and Maple 17 I don't get such error and I obtain desired data.

So can Maple be sensitive to the hardware? 

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