Question: How to solve BVP with singularities?

Dear friends,

I have to solve the BVP of the following type:

(x-1)*y''(x)+y'(x)=1+x, y(0)=1, y(1)=1

Expressing the highest derivative (y''(x)), we get a singularity at x=1.

So, as recommended, the method bvp[middefer] (or bvp[midrich]) is used:

dsolve({(x-1)*diff(y(x), x$2)+diff(y(x),x) = 1+x, y(0)=0, y(1)=1}, type = numeric, method = bvp[middefer], y(x), 'output' = Array([seq(k/10, k=0..10)]), 'abserr'=1.0e-3, 'maxmesh'=100)

Maple generates the following error:

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/bvp) unable to achieve requested accuracy of 0.10e-2 with maximum 100 point mesh (was able to get 0.82e3), consider increasing `maxmesh` or using larger `abserr`
But as I increase maxmesh, the achievable accuracy (reported in "(was able to get XXX)") decreases:


maxmesh = 200: 0.19e4

maxmesh = 500: 0.54e4

maxmesh = 1000: 0.12e5

maxmesh = 5000: 0.73e5

and so on.....

How to solve this equation with desirable accurancy and usage of Array as output?

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